China University of Political Science and Law and University of Minnesota Law School Summer Study Program in Beijing for J.D. students

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On May 27th, conjunction with the prestigious University of Minnesota Law School, the China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) offered a summer program in Shangdi district in Beijing.

This program was approved by American Bar Association in 2005. From the University of Minnesota Law School, Associate Dean Meredith McQuaid and Professor John Matheson served as Program Directors; from CUPL, Dean Stephen Hsu is the Co-Director. All of the participators are the J.D. students from University of Minnesota Law School and other American law schools.

Spanning one month, the program will focus on comparative economic law, including Comparative Business Entities and Comparative Land Use. Besides, the program will provide courses about general introduction of Chinese law. Some of the students from School of American and Comparative Law will have classes with American students. In addition to courses mentioned above, the J.D. students will visit important institutions and places such as the National People's Congress, the Supreme People’s Court, some well-known law firms, the Ministry of Foreign Commerce, and the Olympic gymnasiums.

The University of Minnesota Law School is one of the top twenty law schools in America, while the University of Minnesota itself is frequently recognized as one of the top three public research universities in the country. The president of the Board and president of the University, as well as the dean of the law school, have visited our CUPL for many times. Shi yajun, our university’s Party Leader, visited the U of M in 2005. Our country has been enjoying friendship with the state of Minnesota for a long time. When the Governor of Minnesota State visited China, he expressed his attitude to support the cooperation of CUPL and U of M.

In addition to the J.D. Summer Study Program, the program of conjunct L.L.M, established by School of American & Comparative Law and the University of Minnesota Law School, will probably approved by Ministry of Education recently.

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