Conversazione of American and comparative Law held successfully

发布单位:中美法学院   发布时间:2007-09-10 00:00   

On June 24 and June 25, the Conversazione of American and comparative law was held successfully at Beijing Friendship Hotel by School of American and Comparative Law (SACL) and Comparative Law Research Center(比较法研究中心). Father of comparative law Pan Handian, Chairman of China Comparative Law Institute Liu Zhaoxing, honorary Professor Jerome A. Cohen, Dean of School of American and Comparative Law Mi Jian, editor in chief of World around Law Review Xu Bing, Professor Sun Xinqiang, Professor Li Shuguang, Professor Xiao Jianhua, visiting professor of SACL Donald Clarke, Vice Dean of college of law of Minnesota university and other elites of law attended the meeting. Headmaster of China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) XuXianming also attended the meeting and gave a passionate address.

The meeting was departed into four discussion units and four special topics. The attendees discussed the actuality, achievements and main problems of American and comparative law. The meeting also paid more attention to the development of American and comparative law and the education of persons in ability concerned. 
The meeting provided a platform to the persons who devote themselves to the research and teaching of American and comparative law. 

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