The ceremony of signing for the corporation between Minnesota University, the Committee of Education Beijing ,China University of Political Science and Law and Fazheng Group

发布单位:中美法学院   发布时间:2007-09-10 00:00   

On the background of educational and cultural communication between China and America, in order to further improve the overseas educational corporation and communication, especially between China and America, our university, the Committee of education Beijing, Fazheng Group, and Minnesota University were holding the ceremony of signing on Nov 2, 2004. The leaders of the Committee of Education, the famous in the fields of education and law, more than 150 people attended this ceremony.

On the ceremony, the headmaster of China University of Political Science and Law, Dr. XuXianming, with the headmaster of Minnesota University Dr. Robert Bruininks, who first paid a visit to China with the delegation, was signing the corporative project to hold LL.M. This signature represented that the communication and corporation between China and American concerning education and culture came into a new international development stage.

The upcoming project –LL.M. was to hold after the permission of the Ministry of Education. The students who finish the compulsory courses will be granted for a bachelor degree of Minnesota University. This project has already got the permission of the Institute of American lawyers. Their certificate of bachelor degree is accepted by the officials of USA and is also accepted popularly by the whole world. The aim of the corporation of the two parties is to develop the modernization and internalization of Chinese education, to introduce the superior system and courses on the world, to adopt to the scientific and practical teaching methods, to nourish the legal elites for the development of China economy, especially to provide the platform for the person study in Law who can’t go to America for further study. This project is based on the high quality of education and highly international status. The courses are taught by the professors of these two famous universities, and students are going to finish their courses at two stages in these two universities separately. The courses are mainly including Tort Law,Company Law,Intellectual Property Law ,and so on. During the studying stage of America, students can choose to practice in local federal court or state court, or they can practice in the local law office, so that they can further understand different cycles of American law system. Once the students got the certificate of this project, they can get the permission to attend the bar examination. If they pass, they can deal with the legal affairs of American law and international trade among American, China and other international law offices.

The plan of this project will begin in June, 2005.  

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