The candidates of “the 2005 Plan of Support to the New Century Elites”

发布单位:中美法学院   发布时间:2007-09-10 00:00   

According to the Notice of The Ministry of Education “the Name List of the 2005 Plan of Support to the New Century Elites”, our professor of the college of Civil and Economy law LiYongjun, the vice-headmaster of the department of graduation LiShuguang, the dean of School of American and Comparative Law XuChuanxi were chose as the candidates of the Ministry of Education‘s “the 2005 plan of support to the new century elites”.

The plan is an important project of elite nourishment for the Ministry of Education. This plan is mainly to nourish the elites by means of project assistance. According to the spirit of these documents, the assistant fund for each candidate is 200,000 Yuan and the time limit for them is 3 years. 

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