The celebration of teachers’ contributions held on the Teachers’ Day

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The ceremony of our teachers’ contributions was held on September 7, in Changping, our undergraduate district. Many college leaders attended on that day, including the secretary of the Communist Party ShiYajun, the headmaster XuXianming, the vice-secretary of the Communist Party and the vice-headmaster MaKangmei and so on. The headmasters of many colleges, other departments, the representatives of the auxiliary and students, and most importantly, the awarded teachers also attended this grand ceremony. The chairman of this meeting was our vice-headmaster-GaoHuanyue. 
The ceremony began with the address of our headmaster ShiYajun. He, on behalf of our university, gave deep congratulations to the whole teams of teachers. At the same time, he also thought highly of all the works of our teachers and students in the past years. Lastly he congratulated the awarded teachers. Professor Shi pointed it out: we should cofigurate harmonious science groups and teams. At the same time, we should improve our research level and develop among competitions and respect the principles of scientific research. 

Then, the chairman introduced the decisions of awards for the superior contributions of our teachers between 2005 and 2006 and the name list.

The grand ceremony for the awards followed closely with the introduction of the decisions. The members of our college leaders granted the awards to the teachers. Afterwards the representatives of teachers, students and professors gave their individual addresses and wonderful wishes to our college. The attending expressed their respect and blessings with their sounding applause. 
At the end of the ceremony, Headmaster XuXianming gave us an important speech with the topic “Create new innovative campus”. In his speech, he said at present our country is under fast development, but the base of our development is high investment, high consumption and high pollution, so the perspective of development is not optimistic. The only way we can do is to change the way of economic improvement, to use scientific development and innovation as our main power. In this process the university is the organization with most innovative ability. So we should try our utmost to make contributions. Thus in the process of creating new innovative campus we should grasp three main aspects: nourish the innovative elites, develop the ability of criticizing, discriminating and the attitude of honesty; reform the old teaching models and find the newest teaching styles and means of administration; improve the ability of teachers’ creation and innovation. At the same time, we should combine the ability of conservation and innovation and make our proper contributions for our country’s development. 

So on the Teacher’s Day, let us pay our great regards to the teachers on the educational platform again. 

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